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Whatever Developer You Want

However Long You Need 

// Try us out for 4 weeks and only pay if you're satisfied

Your trusted and guaranteed technology partner​

  • Staff Augmentation

  • Near Shoring

  • Outsourcing

This You?

'Where am I even going to find the skillsets for this project?'

'This is not what I asked for and it's not even on time!'

'I feel like I don't even have a choice! I'll take what I can get!'

What We Offer

We will get you whatever technology talent you need, for however long you want

Software developer creating code

to develop and deliver on your software solutions across your technology stack

Team member crossing the finish line

to accurately and clearly define your specs, requirements and manage your team 

Visual representations of data in graphs and charts

to give you access to your most important data insights at the tip of your fingers

UX/UI Designer selecting designs

to make functional software user friendly, intuitive and easy on the eyes

Effortlessly hire and contract top talent

// Why waste your time and money on resources that aren't a perfect fit for your requirements?

Match Skills to Requirements

Cloud Enabled Delivery

Time-Zone Aligned

Private & Secure

Continuous Development

Better Collaboration

How We Work

YOU (tell us)

- What your budget is 

- Who you are looking for

- How long you want them for

- Where they should be located


- Reach into our network that meets your conditions

- Find and qualify the best candidates for the roles

- Send qualified candidates your way 48 hours later


- Feast your eyes on amazing talent that can join your team

- Interview with the candidate to ensure best fit

- Say yes and we take care of the rest

What Our Clients Say

"No one else got us this quality of dev talent, at that speed, with such considered budget requirements"

Sophia Li, CTO

Chrono24 UK

"Lambda Group is Magic"
"Bojan works his magic and keeps pulling fantastic dev talent for us out his hat"

Tim Fletcher

Founder and CEO

"Before we used Excel" 
"Now we're building our own reports on PowerBI and the visuals explain our business performance so clearly"

Dhiren Mansing, COO, Investec

Get Ready to Maximize Your Technology Investment With Your Remote Teams 

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