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Contract and Hire the Top 4% of Flutter  

No risk - if you're not happy with our Flutter 

Developers in 4 weeks, you pay nothing

Hire faster with the world's most deeply vetted developers and teams, hand picked, for you

How it works

As Easy as One, Two, Three

Staff augmentation allows you to bolster your existing teams with specialized Flutter talent quickly and efficiently.

Our top-tier Flutter professionals integrate seamlessly into your team, accelerating the development of your roadmap, and enhancing the quality of projects currently on your plate.


Discovery Call

We get to know your project needs, timelines, budget, and required skills to guide our selection of the best-matching talent from our pool of professionals.


Assembling Your Team

Within days, we hand-select the most suitable Flutter developers from our team, considering their technical skills and alignment with your needs and company culture.


Onboarding and Scaling

Our Flutter experts join your team, ready to hit the ground running from day one. You have the flexibility to manage the performance of your augmented team members and scale your headcount as per project needs.

Want to learn more?

Our complete guide on how to hire Flutter developers

  • What services do you provide?
    Our bread and butter is staff augmentation, we can get you whatever developer you want for however long you need We also partner with Outsourcing and Nearshoring firms across, Europe, North and Central America, for when you want all your technology needs handled
  • How much do you cost?
    We work with you to determine the budget and skillset you require Because we hire globally, rates will be dependant on location and on the tech stack you are looking for But here is a good rule of thumb for candidates dependant on their locations North America $100 per hour Europe $60 per hour Central and South America $40 per hour Africa and Asia $35 per hour
  • What if i'm not happy with the candidate?
    When we place a candidate onto your team, you have 4 weeks to try before you buy. If you're not completely happy with the guys and girls we got for you, we don't charge you a cent We screen and interview each candidate in our talent pool, they will also go through interviews with you and your technology team, so not only will you have time to try them out, but even before this, there is extensive screening to ensure we measure twice, cut once, and get you the best we can
  • How are you different from other agencies?
    Location, we hire and recruit globally, so we are not limited to a geography for sourcing talent for you Talent, we can get you whatever you need, we are not niched down in a handful of technologies Risk, we are so confident in our teams, we guarantee them for 2 to 4x longer than the competitors who usually give a 2 or 1 week no risk trial
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